Vocal Exercise Program

A vocal exercise program can help you get better as a singer.  There are a number of exercises you can do to get better.  I’ll discuss a couple of them below.

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First, you can exercise your diaphragm and learn to sing from the diaphragm.  Just imagine that you’re learning to sing from the stomach because that’s what it really fells like.  You first start breathing from the diaphragm deep down low.  You can watch your stomach expand outwards as you breathe in deeply.  Most people are actually breathing from their lungs and they don’t even know it’s not a very healthy way to breathe.

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Imagine that! We humans think we’re so smart, but many of us aren’t even breathing correctly!  The great thing is that when you start breathing from your stomach correctly you really start feeling better in addition to singing much better.   This should definitely be part of your vocal exercise program.

You can also practice singing notes to a piano or a guitar.  This is very beneficial because it starts training your ear well and you’ll be able to recognize when you’re out of tune.  Many singers don’t even have this basic ability.  The other musicians you play with will really appreciate your ability to help them recognize when parts of songs are out of tune.  In addition, you of course can tell when your own singing is out of tune.  So just keep practicing hitting the notes you’re hearing on an instrument.

It’s very possible to progress rapidly when you practice these two things consistently.  Many people don’t do these two exercises enough and they wonder why they don’t progress much at singing.  Of course there are many other exercises, but these are two of the best and easiest to begin.  These are just a couple of tips for you to start a vocal exercise program.

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