Vocal Anatomy

The vocal anatomy is composed of many body parts that are crucial to expressing yourself in a unique way.  Some of the main parts in a vocal anatomy are the larynx, soft palate, diaphragm and lungs.  Once you learn to control some of these anatomical areas, your singing will improve with less effort.

Singer Anatomy:

A brief description of the overall singer anatomy  and how you can benefit from understanding your singing body.  There are ways to control different parts of your body and utilize them more efficiently while singing, which enables you to expand range and increase volume.  Read More…

Larynx and Singing:

The larynx is important.  This is the area where you see your Adam’s Apple and your vocal chords are housed in this area.  You can find a lot about this part of your singing anatomy here and other places.  Your vocal chords are small flaps of tissue that vibrate extremely fast when air moves through them.

How to Hold Your Adam’s Apple While Singing

Your Adam’s apple is where your larynx is located and many singers are interested in holding it still or lowering it while singing.  This is because there is a tendency to raise it when singing high notes and while you’re trying to expand your range.  This is something you can look at in the mirror.  Correct technique will help you hold it in place.  It’s difficult to learn singing without using your larynx the same way you do while talking.  It can take a while to develop proper technique, but it’s very possible with a few simple exercises practiced consistently.  “Consistently” is the key word in that sentence.

Singing With Correct Posture

Watch great opera singers and classically trained singers how they hold that hand in front of their belly and they’re standing with good posture as they belt out with incredible volume and range.  You can learn good posture as a singer, which naturally helps you breath and sustain notes by using your diaphragm properly.  In addition, it will help you utilize your chest and head voice as a singer.

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