Sliding to the Correct Vocal Pitch

Sliding to the correct pitch is something many singers complain about, but it’s not really that big of a deal.  There is something you can do to correct it if you want. Per Bristow has an interesting method for finding right pitch.

First, when you practice your scales, you should practice hitting notes at random after practicing the sequence of scales.  So when you’re done practicing the scale, try to hit a note at random and see if you can hit it accurately.  You will start getting better at targeting notes and things should improve with your slide pitch tendencies.

sliding to correct vocal pitch
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Now some singers will typically have sliding pitch where they slide up or slide down to the correct pitch.  Some people just end up having a habit of doing one or the other when learning how to sing loud but not yell.  If you discover that you are sliding pitches upward, then try to start singing “over” the note you’re targeting.  This will probably start balancing things out a little and you may get more targeted on the notes you’re trying to hit.

So sliding pitch tones is nothing to be to afraid of…Many singers do and they are still very successful.  I see many pop singers do it all the time and they are still famous selling many albums.  It’s just something you can improve over time.

Singing arpeggio can help to because you’re not practicing notes in perfect sequence consistently.  This moving around the scale and help you randomly hit notes on the scale while not having to warm up to that vocal pitch.

Visualizing has been known to help singers too.  If singers are good at visualizing a note they’re trying to hit, they can often become much more accurate hitting that pitch and they won’t have to slide as much when trying to hit that note.

It’s almost impossible to hit notes perfectly with a little slide.  Also, remember that most people are not even going to notice that you slide a little to hit a note.  Hopefully, this post has helped you understand a little more about pitch sliding and how to correct while simultaneously telling you that it’s a very common imperfection amongst us singers!

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