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People have different reasons for learning how to sing. Most may just want to sing for their own personal pleasures. Or maybe so that they could someday join their church choir. There are also some who thinks singing could make them boost their confidence and feel sexier. Of course, there are those who want to sing hoping to be able to join a band or be a superstar.  Click Here to Find out What Others are Saying about Singorama

Whatever your reasons maybe, you’re sure to find Singorama’s how-to-sing kit well-suited for you and give satisfying results. Singorama’s singing materials incorporate cutting-edge technology with a fun teaching technique to ensure that the students keep their spirits up when singing. Most singing programs are just plain boring or too difficult which somehow encourages students to just give it all up easily.

Emily Mander's Singorama

Singorama’s singing package includes two fully-illustrated books that contain step-by-step instructions to help students understand the lessons well. Numerous audio files are also provided as supplemental teaching materials to these books. Best of all, what Singorama’s very proud to offer are its learning software package which consists of Jayde Musica, Perfect Your Pitch and a Mini Recording Studio software.

These famous software programs use cutting edge technology to guarantee an effective singing lesson. They come with several music tools such as the virtual piano which you can practice with. This keeps you from getting off key when you’re doing some scales or practicing some lines. These multi media software are a breakthrough in fast tracking singing learning.

Singorama is one of the acclaimed singing software packages, developed by a renowned vocal instructor Emily Mander. She’s been born into a family full of singers. At an early age, her mother, being a professional music singer at that time, greatly influenced her into taking the singing path.

Combining what she has learned from countless singing training packages she has purchased, Emily Mander has perfected an easy to follow yet effective singing program called Singorama.  Singorama combines all the good points of dozens of singing kits without any of their bad sides. If you try to personally experience all those different singing techniques and theories, you’ll find that most of them do not really agree with each other. Singorama managed to combine all approaches without compromising quality learning.

Emily Mander also seeks out the advice of numerous singing experts. She consulted singers from bands, musicals, choirs and solo artists to come up with this software. With Singorama, students have been singing at par with professionals.

Singorama consistently gains high ratings in reviews, regardless if the one doing the reviewing is a professional singer or just a beginner. Singorama can help singing enthusiasts, no matter what their reasons are, be it for personal enjoyment or to becoming the next singing sensation.

Aside from the two effective books and several truly amazing software, Singorama is also equipped with free support which serves as a back up for your do-it-yourself singing lessons. Lots of amazing materials and software are also included like sight reading kit, an ear training program to develop better speech and dozens of vocal exercises for improving learning harmony and voice control.

What Singorama students like most is the Singorama recording software. You’re learning will surely be hastened when you can actually hear yourself singing. Though feedbacks given by your instructor is very valuable, you would also be able to benefit much from your own evaluation of your singing.

In Conclusion

Overall, I like Per Bristow’s program and Singing Success better than Singorama.  These are just my feelings after trying all the programs. Singorama is one of the most well known learn-to-sing-at-home programs out there.

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