Singing With Correct Posture

Singing with correct posture is something to work on during all singing situations. Remember, you should practice the way you sing during actual performances. You need to make the same posture adjustments during practice so it becomes an automatic habit in front of audiences.

Shoulders and Chest

If you notice opera singers’ posture, you will see them kind of puffing out their chest and holding their shoulders backward. This is so they have good support for correct breathing with the diaphragm.

singing with correct posture
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When you inhale, your lungs are inflating and expanding downward more than outward. Your diaphragm in the lower region is pushed by the lungs so it moves downward and that’s why you see your stomach inflate outward during a healthy inhale. This is proper breathing and will help your singing enormously.

Head Positioning

You should hold your head straight with your chin parallel to the ground when you are singing. If you try singing with your head tilted upward or downward, you will immediately notice a change in the sound you are producing.

The sound is much more natural and powerful if your head and chin are parallel to the ground. You can practice this right now and see if you can hear the difference in sound when tilting your head in the different positions.

Posture Affects Everything

Posture effects everything about us. We feel better about ourselves with better posture and our body loves us for it. If we are slumped over with our shoulders forward, you can see how this closes off the air flow. When you slightly hold your shoulders back and lay your chest a little outward, things naturally open up in a more communicative way. This makes talking and singing easier. It is the natural position for our bodies.  Read More Here about the Singer Anatomy.

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