Singing Videos

Here’s a video on Krystal Meyers who tried Singing Success….

In addition to these singing videos, Singing Center will be posting more videos regarding expanding your range, using head voice, using chest voice, acapella, learning vibrato, and other singing subjects.
Videos are simple to make and it’s a great way to provide singing lessons in an easy to understand format.  There are more singing videos than ever on sites like, Google Video, and other places.  Some of the new courses like Per Bristow’s Sing with Freedom and Brett Manning’s Singing Success incorporate either DVDs or online video.

Other singers may only be able progress well with a personal coach.  There are studies that show some students learn primarily from subtle facial expression and other intimate communication methods only used when in close proximity to a teacher.

We will sometimes send you video through email so you may want to keep updated by signing up to our free singing lessons email list here.

There are a ton of videos out there on every subject imaginable so make sure you’re getting your singing subjects from a trustworthy source before you follow any video’s advice.  When you’re starting out, it’s important to use proper vocal technique because it will increase your rate of progress.

Singing videos can even be made by YOU one day! Yes, I highly recommend you make videos of yourself singing.  You will learn a lot by observing yourself in a mirror or watching yourself on video.  It’s very enlightening.  Many times you have a totally different concept in your head than what you actually see and hear when listening to a playback and watching a video.

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