Singing Styles

There are many different singing styles out there for singers.  What about singing rock?  Or singing country? or jazz?  Are there different ways to sing these different styles?  Sometimes it’s just a simple change in technique, but sometimes you may have to learn new things.

How to Scream Sing

Warmups are crucial when singing hard rock or scream singing.  Many singers destroy their vocal chords when trying to scream without warming up.  There is a way you can sing loud, sound good, and not destroy  your vocal chords.  You must learn some proper warming up techniques to employ this singing style on a consistent basis.

How to Sing Rock

How to sing rock is a question many beginners ask.  First, before you start screaming your head off, just learn some singing basics.  If you practice fundamentals in the right way, this will translate to singing any style quite well.  I know it’s hard to practice the basics sometimes because it’s boring, but it will pay off.  In addition, there are certain exercises you can do, which can make the process a lot easier.  There are resources here on and other places to help you get started.

How to Sing Country

People ask if they need to sing nasally when singing country.  You can learn how to sing country by doing a lot of the same things, which are necessary to sing well in all kinds of styles.  There is a way to start singing with a nasal tone and some exercises you can do to develop a country style, but it also needs to be natural and not just contrived.  That’s the balance you can learn with proper technique.  I know I don’t like hearing singers while they’re imitating someone else or trying to sing in a tone that isn’t  natural for their voice so this is something to consider.

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