Singing Recording Software

#1: Audacity

singing recording software

One of the top singing recording software programs available is Audacity. It works on Macs, PCs, and on Linux platforms, so you aren’t limited by your computer like you are with programs like Garage Band. The program supports not only MP3s, but also WAV, AIFF and OGG sound files. Even better, Audacity is open source, which means it’s free to use.

A few key benefits include:
Simple to use. Everything is accessible on the main screen via handy, well labeled drop down menus.

Clean interface. The Audacity interface has a top tool bar that features the most used functions. This provides a large workspace for tweaking your sound files.

A beat analyzer. A feature often overlooked in recording software, the beat analyzer allows you to quickly pinpoint the beats per minute of a sung phrase.

Some Disadvantages:
Few advanced features. The program doesn’t have the range of features found in more expensive programs, limiting some of your editing abilities. Some features can be purchased as add-ons fairly inexpensively.

Poor help documents. The program doesn’t come with a detailed user guide; you must depend on the internet and trial and error to learn the specifics in mastering Audacity.

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#2: Pro Tools

pro tools
Pro Tools 9

The only reason Pro Tools ranks as number two is the cost. If you need a professional program and are willing to pay for it, consider it a number one choice. Pro Tools is considered a standard in the recording software industry, and for good reason.


Fully compatible. It operates on both Macs and PCs and can handle most operating systems, including Vista and Windows 7.

Provides an all in one solution. Advanced production tools and editors handle all your audio recording needs – there is no need for other programs.

Easy to use. The Pro Tools interface and equipment are easy to learn. Even better, once you master Pro Tools you can easily handle each new version as they rarely make major changes to the interface.


You must have the Pro Tools sound mixing board to use the product. Fortunately, it comes bundled with the software at a low price. Once you upgrade, you can continue to use your old sound board.

Limited support. While Pro Tools offers full tech support, you must pay a fee to access it. Help documents are included to help you solve most issues on your own.

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#3: Garage Band

garage band
Garage Band with iLife

Garage Band delivers a professional quality singing recording software program. It is simple to use and even a novice can record and edit an exceptional recording with a little practice. The basic program is a little bare, but there are countless upgrades available that you can add on as you need them.
The Benefits:

iTunes compatibility. You can easily import and export into iTunes, which helps you get your tracks out there that much faster.

Virtual instruments. Garage Band comes with over 50 preprogrammed instruments on the interface, allowing you to add depth to your music without the need to hire a band.

Simplicity. Like most Apple products, ease of use is one of the top reasons to try Garage Band.

Some Disadvantages:

It’s only available on Macs. Garage Band comes bundled with the iLife software, so non-Mac users do not have it available for their platform.

Primarily for the hobbyist. The software doesn’t have the advanced features required for professional mixing and editing. For the hobbyist or novice, it does provide a good platform for learning the basics of using singing software programs.

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#4: Mixcraft

mix craft

Mixcraft provides a multitrack recording studio in the comfort of your home. The simple interface is easy enough to learn, even if it’s the first recording software you have used. This software is basic compared to the others, as it doesn’t have many of the key features an experienced producer needs for full editing.

The Benefits:

Low-cost. Unlike most other software programs, Mixcraft is low cost. If you are just beginning to mix your own tracks, consider it an excellent program to learn on.

Simple to use. The interface is simple to master, even with all the preloaded effects. Whether you are importing tracks or editing them, the commands are easy to find.

Record and mix both vocals and instruments. You can also use one of the thousands of programmed instrument tracks in the software to combine with the vocals.


Mixcraft can’t handle live tracks well. It’s best to record each track separately before mixing, as the software often has trouble dividing out the different vocalists and instruments.

Clumsy controls compared to other singing recording software programs. The controls often do not allow the fine syncing and changes required by a professional mixer, making Mixcraft more suitable for the novice or intermediate vocal editor.

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