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Below, I rank Singing Success the number one learn to sing product mainly because it’s the most comprehensive learning program for all singing levels (beginner – experienced). It teaches a specific vocal method to increase your octave range. Singorama is currently ranked number two and does a pretty good job of teaching the basics. All of the programs below have been tested and they can be downloaded instantly. I wish you the best in your singing future!

singing successNumber One Singing Training Product

Brett Manning’s Singing Success is by far the best singing training to get you fast, lasting improvements in your singing(increasing range, developing natural vibrato, etc.). All levels of singers have benefited from the program, including people like Keith Urban and others in the industry, because it addresses every type of learner.

Should You Really Buy Singing Success?

Brett Manning is well respected in the music community and possesses good teaching techniques. His program focuses on a specific vocal method which proves that it’s not how hard you sing, but rather what method you are using that makes the difference. He offers you a guarantee that your range will expand at least a full octave just by changing your singing technique and adapting his method or you get a refund.

The Singing Success CDs contain quality singing exercises, which can be used again and again no matter your level of singing experience. This program doesn’t leave a stone un-turned while learning singing. Get more Brett Manning’s Singing Success Reviews Here.

Singing Success offers a no-questions asked 100% money back guarantee for six months. The ordering process is through the system, which is commonly used by many online businesses.

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singoramaSecond Place
Rating: 4stars

Emily Mander’s Singorama has visual and audio exercises similar to Singing Success possessing good lessons for the root fundamentals of singing. Whether singers are visual or audio learners, they can still make some progress with this program.

The Mini Recording Studio software is used for recording a student’s voice and finding areas for improvement. The Jayde Musica Pro software is used for teaching singers how to sight-read music. Singorama provides the customer with free upgrades when new product editions are produced. I just feel this program doesn’t measure up to Singing Success right now in it’s current form, but it’s still a quality learn to sing program.

Emily Mander offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t get satisfactory results.

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vocal releaseThird Place
Rating: 3stars1

The overall quality of Eric Frey’s Vocal Release is average. I say that because the .pdf ebook isn’t very entertaining, but strictly instructional and there isn’t any bonus lessons or software included with the product. In conclusion, the contents are a little slim. The money-back-guarantee might be hard to enact because this program requires “proof” you haven’t progressed.

I don’t believe this is a great guarantee if you’re confident about the quality of your singing program. But if you’re looking for a cheap, quick-starter guide for an adult singer, this program might work for you. Eric Frey has a record of helping students improve their singing.

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