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Depending on your goals, Singing Center can help you out in specific ways.  I know how it feels when you sing and you feel much better by singing.  I also know how it feels to have a little fear about finally singing in front of others.

I can show you how I conquered that fear and exceeded my dreams as a singer.  Others never plan on singing in front of others and they just want to sing better for themselves and explore their potential.

That is a great path because you’re singing for yourself and nobody else in the beginning.  Singing gives me a natural high and it took a while before I felt like singing in front of others.

I hope you join Singing Center and I’m sure you will like “Sing Like a Canary (or a pro!)”.

Singing coaches like Jamie Vendera and Per Bristow have some great, new courses that a


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  1. I like singing.. I like singing any kind of music Gospel rap everything.. I am 19 year old. I am still in high school in the 12th grade when I get out of high school I an going to college.. I am going to college to be registered nurse. My part-time job is singing but I want to Start now so I could be better further on…

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