Singing Makes Me Happy

If you have voice that you can depend on to express your inner truth, you can say singing makes me happy!

Scientific research has already proven that vocal sounds as well as other sounds have a dramatic effect on our soul and body.  In fact, we know that certain sounds have helped heal people of physical illness.

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singing makes me feel happy
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Knowing this, we understand that singing is an incredible lift to our soul.  It makes a lot of sense to learn more about singing and do it for a lifetime.  The benefits are too great.  Just look at the faces of people singing inside a church or chanting in a monastery and you understand the powerful effect of singing.

Singing makes me happy.  That’s why I write about it, practice it, and teach it to others.  The more you can become confident with your own natural voice and sing out without reservation, the happier you will be in the process.

We know this deep down.  That’s what has drawn us to singing in the first place.  As far back as history books can take us, we find people chanting or singing to lift up other’s spirits, provide healing, and improve one’s own condition.

So please remember this if you’re getting frustrated with any kind of singing lessons.  You need to be singing because it’s fun and makes you feel better.  If this isn’t your current experience, I suggest you take a break, sit back and examine your motives.  It’s hard to continue improving when you’re not enjoying it anymore.  Just sing like talking.

This does happen with some professional vocalists so try to keep a perspective.  The more fun you are having with it, the farther you will go as a singer.  No matter your level of singing, keep the joy in it and you will no doubt continue to expand your vocal abilities.

I love to sing and make others happy in the process.  I know you feel the same.

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