Singing Lessons

Singing lessons come in many different forms.  In the past, I took lessons from a coach recommended by a friend.  She helped me overcome some stage fright and gave me my first gig.  She quit teaching me after a few lessons because she said I knew enough to progress on my own.  Now you can learn singing with many different at-home courses or audio CDs.  Click Here to Review the Top Ranked Singing Courses.

Online Singing Lessons:  There are online singing lessons now for all types of singers.  If you don’t mind spending some time at your computer each week, you can get better with some of the quality programs out there.  On this site I talk about Per Bristow, my favorite at-home lessons and other programs that might fit your needs as an aspiring singer.  Read more here about Online Vocal Lessons.

How to Sing Louder:  Many people can sing well with great range, but nobody can hear them!  It’s annoying to me when someone is singing very softly at a live performance.  This is something that a lot of singers struggle with, but you can correct with proper usage of your diaphragm.  It just takes some correct breathing and other secrets.

Sliding to the Correct Vocal Pitch:  Sliding to a note doesn’t have to be difficult.  First, try hitting notes at random and not just the next note on your scale.  This will train you to pinpoint certain notes so you can hit them any time.  Some coaches tell you do slide up or down to a note and it may sound stupid at first, but later on you will understand why they teach this technique.

How to Do Lip Rolls:  Flapping your lips as air exhalation is controlled.  Now you’re sounding like a little motor boat chugging around.  Well, now you’re doing lips rolls with the best of them!  Many singers like doing this lesson as a warm up technique or to help them learn control in general.

How to Learn Vibrato:  You cannot force vibrato.    I started lowering my adam’s apple, or your larynx, and allowing more air out when singing.  This will start to release a natural vibrato.  It can’t be forced.

How to Sing FalsettoYour larynx should drop and the voice should be light when singing falsetto.  Expanding into higher notes requires falsetto.

How to Sing Vowels

Rock Vocal Technique: There are some different ways to sing rock.  Some rock singers follow typical singing advice rather than taking formal singing lessons for beginners.  Others have their own unique style when approaching rock vocals.

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