Singing and Vocal Lessons

Before settling on a singing program or teacher, it’s vital to understand the different types of vocal lessons available and the benefits of each. Weighing the benefits, drawbacks and cost of various learning methods allows you to make the best you of your time and resources when developing your professional vocal skills

vocal lessons

The Different Types of Lesson Formats:

•    Local singing lessons with vocal coach or singing teacher
•    Online video lessons
•    Audio CD or DVD courses

Vocal Coaches:

A vocal coach is often considered the standard for singing lessons, though as other formats become more advanced more students are moving away from in-person lessons. One reason is cost – weekly lessons can become expensive, and it’s even more so if you choose to meet with your singing coach more often. Another drawback is time and scheduling. You usually must work around the teachers’ schedule, which isn’t always convenient or even possible.

The main benefit of in-person lessons is the degree of one-on-one attention to your specific needs you receive. As the teacher works with you they become aware of your strengths and weaknesses, which makes them better able to help you work on your weak areas and further develop your strong areas. A teacher is also available for you to ask questions or to offer advice on tweaking areas where you have difficulty.

Online Video Lessons:

Online video lessons are the next best thing to in-person vocal lessons. These lessons, many offered by some of the most renowned vocal coaches in the industry, consist of online videos, forums and lesson plans to help you develop your voice. The videos allow you to see techniques and exercises in action, and because they are online you can replay them and practice whenever and as often as you like.

While a complete online course costs less than a vocal coach in most cases, you do not have the benefit of one-on-one training. Much of this is compensated by the fact that you can view the lessons as often as necessary to master any new skills.

CD & DVD Courses:

These courses work in much the same way as an online video course, except the materials are shipped to you so that an internet connection or a computer isn’t necessary to use them. These are especially beneficial for learning specific techniques and for use when traveling. Many of these courses also come with access to special online materials and forums. Some also have books and lesson plans to help you progress. Like online lessons, it is up to you to practice and you don’t have access to a live teacher.  Click Here for Top Singing CD and DVD Courses.

Different Styles of Singing Lessons:

Whether you visit a coach or use an online or CD program, you will encounter many different styles of singing and teaching. For example, classical coaches teach classical singing methods and how to apply them to multiple genres including pop and rock. Some coaches focus on both the physical techniques for singing and the psychological ones that help you free your voice.

Breathing exercises are common with most coaches and lessons. Other common exercises include those designed to help you manage your posture or methods to stretch your voice to higher notes. If you are practicing with the goal of life performance, it’s vital to fins a teacher that focuses on concert singing and helps train your voice and body for the rigors of the stage.

Decide on what type of vocal lessons work best for you before committing to an in-person teacher or online program. Watch other singers to get an idea of your style, and emulate them to find your own weak areas. Once you have realistically surveyed your own skills and shortcomings, use this knowledge in conjunction with your personal singing goals to find the vocal lesson program that’s best for you. In many cases, an online or CD program in conjunction with personal lessons is often a good fit.


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