Sing With Freedom Review

I like writing this Sing with Freedom review because Per Bristow is a stand up guy and is very honest with his students.  He teaches you to learn singing skills fast.  There are a number of reasons I recommend his program.

Sing With Freedom Review

Coaching Yourself in Singing

Per Bristow does an excellent job of teaching you to recognize when you’re on track as a singer.  Once you do his exercises and hear your own unique voice, you won’t need him or any other coach in the future to keep guiding you along.

I find this approach very refreshing because he doesn’t try to milk you for more and more money.  Instead, he teaches you to become educated on your own voice and you can easily start recognizing what you need to do to adjust your technique and sound great.  He very much teaches his students to become empowered.  He has helped my singing tremendously.

Singing Relaxation

Per Bristow is in total agreement with my main emphasis on singing; relaxation.  Relaxation affects EVERYTHING in singing.  In my opinion, if you can learn to relax certain multiple parts of your body and your psyche, you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams as a singer.

There is a psychological advantage to singing relaxed as well as the physical aspects of being able to open up your throat, breathe relaxed from the diaphragm, and controlling your soft palate.  In addition, learning to relax through correct breathing and other techniques has life saving health benefits in my opinion.  His philosophy is about freeing yourself up from psychological barriers using relaxation and confidence building strategies for singing.

Expanding Your Range

He helps build your elasticity and flexibility to expand your range as a singer.  He doesn’t push for hitting specific higher notes, but instead works more freeing voice and the result is an expanded range. The point of emphasis is different than many singing courses.

Singing and Sight Reading

Sight reading is something many singers are curious about especially if you want to expand your skill set as a singer giving you more opportunities to work with other musicians.  Yes, his Sing With Freedom DVD set does address sight reading.

Singing Beginners or Pros?

The program helps any level of singer eliminate fears, which hold them back.  Believe it or not, pros struggle with some of the same fears beginners have when singing for other people.  In fact, some pros I know have worse fears than beginners and this Sing with Freedom program specifically addresses that all throughout the course

Developing Your Ear for Singing

This is an important part of his program because he helps you recognize your own voice and when it’s off.  For me, developing my ear has been of the most exciting and difficult things as a singer.  My fellow musicians really appreciate my ear when I’m playing with them and I can suggest improvements.

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