Sing Like Talking

You should try sing like talking or should I say talk like singing.  Many singers are completely different when they’re off stage and like I’ve said before, your voice reflects everything about you.

A powerful performer and singer can walk off stage and he/she is completely different during an interview.  They seem very shy.  Their voice is very reserved yet they were belting out tunes just an hour before.

sing like talking and sound great
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Without knowing it, these singers are harming their voices for the long term.  If you want to take care of your voice long term and keep your singing voice healthy, you need to stay aware of the way you talk.  Start talking in high notes occasionally and you can use low notes too.  You want to incorporate and whole range into your talking style because this is very beneficial practice for your singing voice.

Just think of singing as an exaggeration of your talking.  Your voice is actually designed to sing multiple octaves twenty four hours a day with no straining or hoarseness of the voice.  Yes, that’s true.  If you’re straining or having any kind of discomfort, there is something wrong with your technique

Brett Manning’s course uses this talking level technique.  Read more here at the Brett Manning’s Singing Success Reviews page.

Your Body is Equipped to Sing

The good news is your body is fully equipped to sing with great range so we can correct technique and have the confidence that we’re able to sing with greater range than we previously thought was possible.

So pay attention to the way you talk in all situations and use high to low pitches just like you use when singing.  You are always exercising your voice in a healthy way.  This new present moment awareness is also a great way to live!

You’re Not Tone Deaf

Please don’t use the “tone deaf” excuse.  Many beginner singers claim they are tone deaf so they can’t recognize high or low notes and sing in key.  Approximately 2% of the population is tone deaf. It is very rare so you can definitely recognize notes with practice and you will be able to recognize when you’re singing in tune.

Please remember these things when you are going throughout your day and thinking about singing.  Am I talking right now with confidence and using different pitches to emphasize certain points?  Good, you are now practicing singing all the time, which will speed up your progress.  You will soon learn to sing like talking.

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