San Diego Singing Lessons

Eleonor England-Vocal Coach
San Diego, CA

Eleonor England began her own vocal training as a child. She studied opera under Paul Tweed and Lynn Henderson, music arranging under Shep Meyers and vocal improvisation under Michele Weir. As a performing jazz vocalist, Eleonor splits her time between San Diego and Europe. She offers lessons in San Diego year-round and is available for lessons in Europe (primarily Amsterdam) when she is there performing. Author Maximillien De Lafayette included Eleonor in the who’s who of jazz in his book “Entertainment Divas, Cabaret, Jazz: Then and Now.”  Eleonor teaches a classical approach to singing, and then helps the student integrate this technique into the genre of choice, whether it is jazz, pop or blues. Her method is also founded in the Henderson Technique, which focuses on proper breathing and support to minimize vocal injury. She enjoys working with both beginning and advanced students, and advises all students to book a single lesson before committing to long term lessons with any voice teacher.

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Hiroko Yoshinaga-Voice Teacher
San Diego, CA

Hiroko Yoshinaga, a native of Japan, began teaching in 1998 after already launching a successful singing career. She has performed at the San Diego and Los Angeles opera, as well as with other well-known opera companies. She holds several awards, including five from the National Association of Teachers of Singing. Hiroko believes that all good vocalists must have a solid background in the basics—including proper breathing, posture and diction. She strives to help every student improve their vocal range and pitch. Her lessons provide a combination of vocal instruction as well as performance and audition coaching, including techniques for overcoming stage fright.

Khan’s Music Studio
Lynn Mendoza-Kahn—Vocal Coach
San Diego, CA

Since she was six years old, Lynn Mendoza-Kahn has been studying both voice and piano. Lynn has been performing for over 20 years as well as arranging music for productions, including the musical Manhattan Underground. She also teaches private lessons in San Diego with the San Diego Junior Theater and enjoys working with young performers. She works with students of all ages regardless if they are a beginner or advanced. Lynn is classically trained and shares her knowledge of the fundamentals and music theory with each of her students. She provides a strong classical background in each of her lessons then helps the student use this background to develop their own sound, whether it is in rock, pop or opera. Lynn’s style of teaching focuses on four basics—proper breathing, improved resonance and tone, vocal register control, and superb articulation and diction.

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