Riggs Speech Level Singing

Riggs speech level singing
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Riggs speech level singing is a technique that many singers are asking about these days.  There are a few things to know about the method of singing.  I’ll discuss some of the aspects of this method below.

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This singing method can really improve singers across the spectrum. Now some people argue that you cannot sing loud or rock songs when using this method, but that’s not true if you’re using the technique correctly.  Sometimes this method is called “support less” singing because you are using your natural level of voice and not supporting it with any strain from the vocal chords.

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The larynx is trained to stay in place while singing with the Riggs speech level singing technique.  Seth Riggs is pretty famous in singing circles for devising this technique.  It teaches singers to relax and use their own voice while expanding their range greatly.  Many famous singers such as Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, and Stevie Wonder use this technique.

The larynx typical moves around and rises when beginner singers strain to hit notes, but if you learn this technique well, you will not strain, your larynx will stay still and you will also have enough volume.  It’s radically different than what most uneducated singers are trying to do when they sing.

You don’t use breath support when using this technique so that’s why some people call it support less singing.   It does seem a little unorthodox, but makes a lot of sense when you start sounding better than you ever have!   Placement is key when you’re trying to hit high notes. It’s not about forcing more air out.  Also, you want to raise your shoulders and take pressure off your diaphragm, which will make your singing totally relaxed with this technique.

So Riggs speech level singing is definitely worth your investigation if you are looking to improve range, tone, and you want to quit straining while singing.

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