Per Bristow Review

In this Per Bristow review I talk about why he is different than most singing coaches. His Singing Zone membership and course are making waves. So why is he such a popular singing instructor?

per bristow review

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Mainly, he is popular with many different types of students because he works on many of your psychological barriers to singing. Don’t sluff this stuff off! It can be a huge determiner in your failure or success and this guy has a way of freeing up your vocal style more than possible with most coaches.

Other famous coaches, such as Brett Manning are great and they focus more on technical singing exercises to increase your range. You can find a Per Bristow review in a lot of places these days and you will always see similar comments by his students. He helped them sing with more of their natural resonance by freeing themselves from long, learned habits.

He talks a lot about resonance, which is the box of vibration space in your body. Your throat, nasal cavities, diaphragm, and lungs largely make up this resonance chamber that produces your unique sound.

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Many vocal coaches will concentrate on getting you to stretch your resonance chamber by opening your throat a certain way or holding your larynx in place, but Per Bristow instead gets you to be way more comfortable in your own space without stretching you too much out of your range.


He has a smooth teaching style and is very personable. This is a main reason he is so appealing. He gets you very comfortable in your own skin as a singer and shows you how your voice is totally unique and you shouldn’t change your own, unique sound through singing exercises, but you should instead reinforce your own sound.

Yet he will, in fact, increase your range like some other teachers, but he goes about it through learned relaxation techniques. I really like his teaching style because I have always, personally stressed the importance of relaxation in singing. You have to learn relaxed, deep breathing, and throat relaxation to allow your full potential to flourish as a singer.

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Just like I’ve written in many of my singing articles, Per Bristow also talks about these relaxation techniques not only improving your singing, but your life as a whole. Your personal relationships will improve when you start to master relaxation techniques. People are more attracted to you. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Per Bristow review.

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