Pedestal Karaoke Machine

Singing in front of a crowd, even in the comfort of your own living room, is a lot more fun if you have instrumental back-up, loud speakers and a microphone to belt the lyrics into. A pedestal karaoke machine isn’t just a great addition to a party, it can also be used as a tool to improve your singing and stage performance abilities.

pedestal karaoke machine
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There are two main types of karaoke machines—pedestal and portable. Portable machines are available at a low-cost and can be easily toted around, but many times they are just glorified CD players with a microphone jack. While there are higher quality portable machines, pedestal models offer a lot more benefits for both the professional and serious amateur vocalist. Depending on the model, recording, video output and high quality speakers may be included with a pedestal system.

The Singing Machine, a popular line of pedestal karaoke machines, features auto voice control and digital key control, as well as other sound features depending on the model. Each pedestal machine also features a built camera that allows you to stream your performance onto a television screen where you can then record it. If you are working on your stage presence or wanting to study your technique in order to make improvements, this feature can’t be beat.

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Other cool features include the dual microphone jack, which allows you to perform duets, the integrated CD player, a wireless SMM-07 microphone, and the volume and echo controls—which give you some power over the quality of the sound.

The Singing Machine has one key feature often overlooked by other karaoke suppliers. You can put any CD into the karaoke machine and it will automatically mute the lead vocals, allowing you to sing the lead. This allows you to practice songs that aren’t normally available on karaoke discs or to practice along with prerecorded discs of your own music. It effectively increases the amount of songs available for your machine without purchasing more karaoke discs.

The main con when comparing pedestal machines to other karaoke systems is the price. Other more compact machines cost half as much as the Singing Machine, but they don’t have half as many features. Portability is also an issue, though many pedestal machines do break down, they still are not as small or easy to move from one location to another. While these concerns can be an issue, overall the extra features and improved song list more than makes up for any price or portability concerns.

Start singing your favorite songs, whenever you want, with a high quality pedestal karaoke machine. If singing is your passion a karaoke system is sure to be a good investment, providing hours of fun while improving your singing technique all at once.

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