Nashville Singing Lessons

Brett Manning Studios
801 18th Ave S.
Nashville, TN 37203

Acclaimed singer and voice coach Brett Manning teaches students his Singing Success method at private lessons in his Nashville studio. He caters to singers of all genres, teaching his method that makes singing nearly as easy as speaking. A few of his all-star students include Paramore singer Hayley Williams and Grammy-nominated vocalist Michael Barnes. Brett tailors his vocal lessons to both novice singers and experienced vocalists, often improving a student’s range by one octave in a single lesson. Brett Manning Studios also features other renowned coaches including Chris Keller, Shelby Rollins and Jesse Nemitz.

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Kim Wood Sandusky
900 19th Ave S
Suite 1001
Nashville, TN 37212

Kim Wood Sandusky provides vocal lessons to private students in the Nashville area. She has coached well-known artists, including Beyonce, Toby Mac and Jeremy Camp. Her lessons focus on vocal basics—breathing techniques, stamina and increasing her student’s range—using her Vocal Builder Technique. Kim doesn’t just focus her lessons on the beginning singer, she also offers lessons to help experienced vocalists prepare for auditions and performances. Kim’s teaching methods were learned in her own professional singing career. Before becoming a vocal coach, she toured the country as a professional singer. Today Kim shares her talent and skills as a teacher with all her students.

Michele Stans Vocal Studio
Nashville, TN

Michele Stans believes that all great singers need a strong classical training in order to succeed. Michele’s own singing career goes back for more than three decades. She began her studies at the age of five, studying under acclaimed Julliard graduate and New York Performing Arts Studio Founder Debra Livering. Michele teaches both studio and live performance singing, and she has first-hand experience of both. Michele has performed on the Fox Morning Show and been a backup singer for Warner Brothers Records. Her private one-on-one lessons helps students master posture and breathing, proper tone, projection and more.

Dave Brooks Artist Development
2701 Greystone Rd
Berry Hill, TN 37204


For more than 25 years, Dave Brooks has been a singer, songwriter and vocal coach providing Nashville singing lessons. He has been featured on NBC, ABC and CBS as well as appearing “The Tonight Show” and being the vocalist on major national advertising campaigns. Dave works to bring out the best in all his students, from the novice singer to the experienced vocal artist. He focuses on improving tone and range, reducing vocal fatigue and emphasizing the unique style of the student. He teaches solid techniques designed to not just improve the student’s voice but their confidence on stage.

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