Miami Singing Lessons

Vocal Coach, Debora Lebendiker
Hollywood, Florida

Debora  Lebendiker is a Certified Speech Level Singing vocal Instructor.  Learn the abilities you need to be a well-rounded artist, ranging from a proper vocal technique to forms of interpretation and style.
Debora prepares and inspires a wide-ranging singers from Pop, Country and Rock.
Coachsingers Studio provides training  to beginners and professional singers and songwriters.


The Kramer Company
Kay Kramer-Voice Teacher
Miami, FL

Kay Kramer has been winning awards for her voice since the age of 12. Kramer studied under Arturo di Filippi  and Nelle McArthur, and she has performed with greats including Eva Gabor and Robert Rounseville. She has studied not only the art of singing, but how to teach others to tap into their innate talents. While much of her early career revolved around opera and theater, she has expanded her range to teach a firm foundation in all genres including pop and rock. She firmly believes that good health and mental well-being are just as important for a singer’s voice as training and practice.


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Lyric Conservatory of Music
Jennifer Reuben-Voice Teacher
Miami, FL

Jennifer Rueben is a classically trained vocalist who sings with the Florida Grand Opera. She has a bachelor’s degree from the New World School of the Arts College Conservatory, and she has also trained at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. She is not limited to Opera–she also studies Indian vocals and choral music. She teaches her students a firm classical foundation and encourages them to draw from this foundation in whatever genre or tradition they choose to sing.


Florida Vocal Studio
Mary Walkely-Voice Teacher
Miami, FL

Mary Walkely teaches the Connected Voice method of vocalization at her Miami studio. This method helps prevent fatigue while you are singing and allows you to develop your voice to its fullest potential. Walkely has worked with American Idol finalists including Jesse Lee, Jessica Sierra and the 2006 second place winner Katherine McPhee. She has a deep understanding of the pop genre, along with R&B, rock and even Broadway musicals. Her focus on technique helps build your voice to the level of a professional.


South Florida Voice Studios
Beth Cohen-Vocal Teacher
Miami, FL

Beth Cohen has been instructing vocalists with Miami singing lessons for more than 15 years. She has worked with some of pop and rock’s most well-known singers, including Lindsey Lohan and Creed’s Scott Stapp. Her experience isn’t just in teaching, though. She has experience in the recording studio having provided backup vocals for artists including Pink and Barbara Streisand. Cohen specializes in teaching the methods and skills you need to successfully sing contemporary music, whether that is pop, rock or country. She brings both experience and patience to each lesson, taking the time to help you develop your singing skills.

Some people also like the convenience of taking singing lessons online, sometimes in addition to in-person, local lessons.  See my reviews to check out some of the top rated online singing lessons.


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