Local Singing Lessons

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Boston Singing Lessons: Ingrid Gerde, Lauren Batemen, and Thomas Teahan are three coaches that I highlight in the Boston Area, which has a rich musical history.

Chicago Singing Lessons : There is a wide array of possibilities with Chicago local singing lessons.  Chicago has a rich tradition of blues, jazz, and classical music enabling singers of all types different avenues to explore.  In addition, there are great vocal coaches in the area to serve this artist community.

Dallas Singing Lessons : Find out here the best Dallas singing lessons amongst 100’s of different coaches in the area.

Indianapolis Singing Lessons : Indianapolis offers a host of different ways to get better at singing. Try out these coaches and see which one fits your needs. There are some true gems like Michael D. Purvis.

local singing lessons
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Louisville Singing Lessons : Louisville is an up-and-coming city on the music scene.  This medium sized beautiful city has a surprisingly vibrant music scene in the Highlands area with some great vocal coaches.

Miami Singing Lessons : Miami is a huge melting pot with a ton of Latin influence.  Besides the wonderful Cuban and South American Latin styles, Miami has a lot of New York transplants, which we know is abundant in vocal stylists and teachers.

Michigan Singing Lessons: Michigan singing lessons are available widely throughout the state.  I highlight three top vocal coaches here.

Nashville Singing Lessons : We all know Nashville is one of the musical capitals in the United States.  This city is crawling with musicians of all types including some great vocalists in country, rock and other styles.  If you’re in the Nashville area, you could try to get a lesson with one of  these great teachers.

NJ Singing Lessons: NJ has great vocal coaches especially because many of them work in New York and have been trained in the great New York musical community.

Pittsburgh Singing Lessons : Pittsburgh is another medium sized city with a great, growing music community including lots of local singing lessons from great coaches.  There are a lot of great vocalist coaches, who have moved there from larger, more expensive cities because it’s easier to live a more comfortable lifestyle compared to to other cities like New York.

San Diego Singing Lessons : Eleonor England started in opera singing and ended up as a jazz improv vocalist.  Hiroko Yoshinaga is a native of Japan and hold several prestigious singing awards.  Both of these teachers are successful in the San Diego area.

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