How to Sing Rock

There are basic rules and techniques that must be practiced and learned in order to sing rock effectively. Once you learn the basics, you can modify these rules to give your voice a unique sound.

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how to sing rock music
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Before you start to sing in a rock voice, you will need to understand how your voice works. It is very important to learn how to breathe correctly. Learning the proper breathing techniques will build your vocal muscles and increase your stamina. When you know how to breathe properly while singing, you can sustain louder notes for a longer period of time without risking harm to your vocal chords. Proper breathing will also help improve the overall quality of your voice.

It is also imperative that you learn how to control the way you breathe. You must learn to not only inhale and exhale briskly as you sing the phrases of each song, but you must also learn to keep proper posture during the entire song. This technique will give you the control of breath that you will need to sing each song efficiently.

One way to inhale correctly is to visualize the air you are inhaling weighs like heavy bricks and let the air “fall” deep into your belly. Pay attention to how your lungs feel when the breath hits the pit of your stomach. Next, take a breath and do the same thing as the first time, but this time visualize the heavy breath is falling faster into your diaphragm. Notice that you will feel your lungs, abdomen and lower back expand. This is the sensation you should feel when you inhale properly for rock singing.

To exhale correctly, you must learn to control your exhalation. You might want to try the feather trick to control your exhalation. Hold a feather in your hand while you inhale using the proper inhaling technique above. Drop the feather from the top of your head and try to blow the feather as high as you can using one long, steady breath. Notice the feelings in your body, what moves and what doesn’t, as you try keeping the feather in the air using different spurts of breath. Try not to let your chest collapse while blowing the feather.

If you are going to sing rock successfully, you are going to have to learn how to sing on key. Some people have the natural ability to control their pitch, but for most vocalists it takes a long time and practice to get it right. Doing simple exercises such as singing the scales will help stretch your voice. This prevents your voice from weakening or cracking. Practicing with an instrument can help you learn what your voice sounds like when it’s in pitch. Singing your scales with an in-tune instrument is an excellent way to learn how to sing in pitch. Learning how notes feel on your vocal chords and how they sound to you can take time, but with enough practice you will understand how to produce different notes on demand.

Of course, there are other techniques that go in to singing rock properly, but once you get the basics down, the rest will come much easier. It may not happen overnight but if you are dedicated to learning the art of singing rock and you are willing to practice you can learn to find your unique voice and create your own style. If you are excited to learn and want to entertain your audience, you will learn to love all of the hours of practice and learning to understand your voice. If you are willing to work hard, you can master your voice and sing rock like the rock star you know you can be.  Learn How to Sing Country Here.

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