How to Sing Loud But Not Yell

If you want to learn how to sing loud but not yell don’t worry you’re not alone.  This is a difficult thing to learn for singers especially after they’ve been conditioned for years and years to sing a certain way.  First, you need to educate yourself a little on what actually causes loud volume.  It’s resonance more than anything else. (You Might Check out Jamie Vendera Who Claims to Break Glass with His Voice – His Course is Good)

learn to sing loud but don't yell
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You create resonance in your body in different chambers.  For example, your head, nasal cavities, throat, diaphragm, and lungs all contribute to your singing voice.  We want to learn how to control our vocal chords and diaphragm enough so that we aren’t letting out our exhale in one big swoosh.

Even if you want to say it loud, you need to exert some kind of control over the amount of air escaping during an exhale.  It’s the same concept in speech or singing.

That’s why breathing techniques can be really important when learning how to sing but not  yell.  We can practice inhaling and then slowly releasing on the exhale.  After we do this repeatedly, we should time ourselves and be able to exhale for a longer and longer period of time as we practice breathing properly from the diaphragm.

By the way, it is also very relaxing to practice breathing like this….I love it and do it as part of my daily meditation sometimes.

So as we exhale very slowly and control our vocal chords so there isn’t a lot of air rushing out when we sing, our volume increases.  It’s just like a hollowed out instrument, such as an acoustic guitar.  The acoustic guitar wouldn’t be nearly as loud if you the front hole in the guitar was a lot larger.  If it was a much larger hole, the sound would be much different and not as loud.

It’s the same thing with your singing.  Your body’s chambers and your control of the vocal chords, is creating your volume and unique style.  You will really start to appreciate your voice and potential when you learn a little control.

A good vocal coach or some kind of singing course can help you sing it loud easily without a lot of effort(Brett Manning’s Singing Success teaches a method similar to speech level singing).  Techniques similar to speech level singing are famous for increasing range and your volume by using control methods and requiring little physical effort.

At first it sounds a little counterintuitive, but it makes sense if you think about what’s going on inside your body while singing.  Sing loud and sing proud!  You can learn how to sing loud but not yell by following some of this advice.

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