How to Sing Like a Superstar

How to sing like a superstar is a question people have been asking for ages.  We naturally look up to the stars we want to sound like when we’re young and just experimenting with singing.  But as we get older, we find that we have our own voice.

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sing like a superstar
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First off, you can only be a superstar if you find your own voice in my opinion.  If you want to sound great and have people attracted to your singing then just get comfortable with your own voice.  Do you think Bob Dylan had a great voice?

Of course not, but people LOVE his voice and  his songs.  One of the main reasons is because he’s very comfortable with himself and his own voice.  So remember this when you’re asking yourself how to sing like a superstar.

It bugs me to hear many singers trying to imitate other singers! But it still happens all the time and yes, some of them do become famous by trying to sound like others.  I just don’t feel like I’m listening to real art when I hear these so called stars obviously trying to imitate someone else with their voice.  There is just phoniness to the whole thing.  Does anyone else agree with me?

Now one thing I like to do is sing other people’s songs in my own voice.  Yes, you can practice a great song by an artist you love while you’re driving down the freeway, but practice it in your own voice not his or her voice.  Turn down the volume a little and hear your own natural voice singing the song and giving it a totally new flavor!

That’s exciting and you’re being true to yourself in the process.  We’re supposed to be artists and that means expressing ourselves in a unique way.  So if you’re asking how to sing like a superstar, remember to just use your own voice.

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