How to Sing Country

Interested in learning how to sing country music? Shania Twain and Taylor Swift make it seem so easy. It isn’t as simple as adding a little twang to your pop song. While the singing style of modern country music is similar to contemporary pop music, there are some differences that the vocalist must acknowledge or the sound won’t work for that country sound they are going for.

Taylor Swift’s Coach was Brett Manning and he’s also coached some other country singers too.

Whatever genre of music you sing, you have to learn how to use your voice properly. Before you choose a style of music, you need to study where and how the music comes from inside of you and learn your own voice. Once you have mastered your voice, you can move on to mastering the style of music you are interested in pursuing.

If your goal is to learn how to sing country music, there are things that you will need to practice to master the country style. Here are a few tips that country artists use to sing true country music:

Practice the Nasal Singing Method

While most genres sound better using a more controlled voice, many country stars use a nasal singing voice in their songs. To understand the difference in the way a nasal voice sounds and a non-nasal voice sounds, try plugging your nose and singing vocal scales. Now sing the same scales without plugging your nose. The vocals coming from your diaphragm when you hold your nose should sound deeper and more controlled than when you don’t. To sing country, you will want to focus on a more flowing and less controlled voice.

Learn to Enunciate Correctly

No matter what type of music you are singing, diction is always important. Diction is the process of using your voice to correctly enunciate words. It is important to keep in mind that speaking and singing are two completely different “languages,” so to speak. Often times, you do not necessarily have to pronounce a letter when singing to make a word sound. Learning to sing to denote correct and clear enunciation is imperative. Also, your enunciation of certain words may be completely different depending on the type of voice you are using.

Don’t Force Your Accent

In general, country music is sung with an accent that is different than any other type of music. You have probably noticed that many country singers have either a heavy accent (such as Dolly Parton) or just the slightest hint of one (Martina McBride is a good example of this), but they sound natural. Forcing an accent to sound “country” is only going to make your voice sound funny. Listen to your voice when singing country songs, you will be able to tell if you are forcing your accent or not. If so, keep practicing and training your voice until the accent sounds natural and flowing.

Learning to sing country doesn’t have to be scary. Practice your skills, listen to yourself and continue to tweak your voice until you develop a style that is true to the genre yet natural and conversational. In the end, you will have not only found your personal style, but will have found how to sing country music in a voice that is unique and beautiful, just like the stars on the stage of the Grand Ole‘ Opry.

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