How to Sing Any Song and Rock the World!

Singers want to know how to sing any song.  First they need to learn the fundamentals just like any other musician.  Many times singers want to jump  ahead of the game and skip the fundamentals, but they are essential.

You need to train your ear to sing other people’s songs in addition to singing your own, original songs in tune.  You can do this by hitting a note on a  piano or guitar and singing a word in tune with the note you’re hitting.

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Start paying attention to other singers also.  Really listen and concentrate and you will see many of them are not in tune.  This is o.k., but it just helps you perfect your craft when you can recognize if sounds are out of tune.   It will also feel very GOOD when you do sing a note in tune.

how to sing and rock
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Getting correct pitch is a hard thing for any musician in the beginning.  It takes a new level of controlling your voice in addition to training your  ear so you can learn how to sing any song.  Trust me, once you start improving at recognizing notes and sounds that are out of tune, you will start  progressing rapidly.  I play guitar also, and I can recognize when my strings are out of tune much better than I did in the past.  I can hear the  vibrations against another string and can tell when they are not in unison.  You will be able to do the same thing with your vocal chords with a little  practice.

It’s like a lot of things in life; singers want to take short cuts.  It doesn’t sound fund to play a note and then sing in tune with it, but it will really help you develop your voice just like any other instrument.  Just mix in the essential practices with fun practices, such as letting loose and  singing to your favorite artist.  So you can definitely learn how to sing any song with enough training and practice.

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