How to Make Money Singing

You can learn how to make money singing if you’ve worked on getting a decent voice.  It’s not as hard as some people think. There are a few places you can start to make money.

Hotels – if you can play guitar or any other instrument to accompany your singing, you could start playing inside the hotel near a lobby.  As long as you’re low key and playing relaxing music, it can work.  This is a great way to get your feet wet and gain confidence. You will soon realize that people are not running away from your voice like you envision them in your nightmares.  Some hotels will pay you 100.00 per night.

make money singing
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Coffee Shops – Coffee shops are the first places I started singing.  My singing coach actually invited me to open for her.  I was shocked and went to the gig with my guitar to sing three of my songs.  Wow, what an enlightening experience. I was sooo grateful for that opportunity.  None of the customers ran screaming from the coffee house and a few people actually clapped.  Even more important, my hot singing coach actually thanked me in front of everyone for my great performance!  (I had a crush on her if you can’t tell)  I got paid a free meal and a few bucks. Hey, it was a start!

Weddings – Weddings can be a part of your singing income after you get some experience and have some references.  This might be a little tricky because the bride and groom definitely have to like your style for you to get invited and feel good playing there.  You can make good money at weddings if you can find these gigs.

Subway – Yes, you’re not a bum if you play around subways or on the streets.  The guitar player in my band would go play on the street in San Francisco with a buddy of his from work just because he liked it! I always thought it was funny, but in reality it’s another great way to make some extra cash and connect with an audience.  You can build a small following and give people your phone number or email address.  Depending on how long you want to play and your popular street location, you can make 50.00 a night many times.

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Of course you should make more than these other methods if your band is gigging regularly during the week.  You will soon find out your preference when you first start learning how to make money singing.

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