How to Learn Vibrato

learning how to sing vibrato
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If you’re wondering how to learn vibrato just do a couple of exercises and you’ll discover some of the intricacies of this singing phenomenon.  Great singers have natural vibrato and don’t have to try very hard.  I’ll talk about some of the reasons you can do this and learn how to sing vibrato on any song.

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First, when you sing you need to keep your throat perfectly still and natural vibrato will be the result.    Just relax that throat with good breathing technique and you will start to hear vibrato.  People make the mistake of thinking they need to force vibrato or force some kind of technique to make it happen, but it doesn’t work that way.

Correct breathing exercises are really going to help you get that singing relaxed throat and allow you to make a huge movement towards a better developed vibrato.  Learning to breathe from your diaphragm is something, which will benefit you greatly in all areas of your life and not just singing.  When this habit of breathing is strongly formed it will form a rock solid, natural vibrato.  The deep breathing will result in deep singing from low down in your diaphragm, which feels like your stomach.  This will be better than singing from your lungs, which is what most amateur singers end up doing and this results in strained vocal chords and strained throats.

You can also hold your hand out when you are singing a single vowel and start shaking your hand forcefully to see if you can cause a vibrato.   Some people start out this way to see how it sounds with their voice.  This just gives you an idea if you are thinking about how to learn vibrato.  It’s probably not something you want to continue doing as an aspiring singer, but it can at least put the potential in your head.

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So how to learn vibrato is something very is something you can teach yourself with a little experimentation.

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