How to Hold Your Adam’s Apple Still While Singing

Your Adam's Apple and Singing
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You must hold your Adam’s apple in place when you’re singing. What?  Yes, I know it sounds weird, but people will say that occasionally in the singing world and what they mean is you don’t want to lower your larynx while singing.

When I sing and I’m able to hold my larynx in place, it helps my range and it helps my vibrato develop naturally.  It’s something that does take practice though.  If you hike your larynx, which looks like your Adam’s apply rising during high notes, you are going to damage your vocal chords over the long term and you will cause a lot of strain.

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I’ve seen singers that refused to get help with their vocals and they end up having to quit singing in bands or other projects.  It’s great when you learn how to keep the Adam’s apple in place while singing though because you can sing a long show one night and wake up the next night doing it again.  It just takes some practice to learn how to control your larynx.  You can see here how to do this with a good vocal exercise program.

Go over to a mirror and look at your throat while singing.  You will probably notice that your Adam’s apple is raising or lowering during certain notes.  This is what you want to eliminate.  You can practice in front of the mirror and see your Adam’s apple stay stable while fluctuating your high and low notes.  This is when you know you’re making progress controlling the larynx!

Just continue practicing in the mirror this way or you can hire a vocal coach or get a decent singing course to improve your technique.  There is tons of help out there for this problem, which most singers fail to confront.  So yes, you can control your Adam’s apple while singing if you learn some throat control.

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