How to Find Your Natural Singing Voice

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You want to learn how to find your natural singing voice because it will impact your music and many other things in your life.  Think about how powerful your voice is when it’s used properly.

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People can literally lead countries and huge revolutions largely because of their natural voice quality.   You can instantly see how your singing can improve dramatically and impact people once you become comfortable with your own, unique voice.

How many times have you formed a picture of someone on the phone after listening to them for a while?  You mentally form an image of them because of the characteristics in their voice.  The brain is very sensitive to every voice characteristic.

Your sense of humor is affected by the tone and inflection in your voice.  You will automatically be funnier as you find your true inner voice and express it confidently.

Your confidence is affected by the way you express your voice.  You actually become more confident if you speak with more confidence.  You can easily see how this affects your singing.  People are attracted to a voice that has confidence.  More importantly, you will enjoy your own singing and you will actually be more attracted to yourself just by singing with more confidence.

Singing with joyful and confident expression, you set yourself free. We all want to be free in life.  Singing can be a powerful, self expression of freedom.  This has a deep impact on our soul as well as others listening to our singing voice.

So remember, the way you express yourself with your voice affects EVERYTHING.  You definitely need to learn how to find your natural singing voice.  A quality vocal coach can get you there or you could try a home course like Singing With Freedom by Per Bristow.  His whole course is centered on what I’ve been discussing.

He specifically demonstrated confidence building techniques for singers and then proves how it improves your singing skills, such as natural vibrato, increase in range, and the ability to hold notes longer.

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