How to Find Band Members

how to find band members
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As a singer learning how to find band members, you have your work cut out for you. The perfect band isn’t going to show up on your doorstep. You have to hit the pavement and find the musicians that have a style and personality that clicks with yours.

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Tap the Local Music Scene

The best musicians are already playing at the local clubs and concert halls. Keep an eye out for events in your area and begin attending shows. For a few drinks and possibly a cover charge, you get a fun night out while looking for musicians that have the right sound.

Mingle with the band after their set even if none of the members appealed to your musical style. Hand out your business card – make sure it has your contact information and a link to one of your singing samples online – and let the band know you are looking for some musicians to gig with. You never know who you might meet. The perfect guitarist may already be on his way out of the band you just listened to, and you might have the sound he’s looking to jam with.

Sell Yourself
The internet gives you plenty of options for searching out band members, but don’t forget to sell yourself too. If you haven’t already, set up a MySpace and Facebook fan page for yourself. Include singing samples and contact information. You never know who might find you.

Don’t be afraid to perform without a band. Attend open mic nights to show off your talents, and be prepared with sample CDs and business cards in case you’re approached. You may be discovering how to find band members, but you need to sell yourself to any bands out looking for vocalist.

Network, Network, Network
Some of the most dedicated and talented musicians may not be playing live gigs or looking on the internet for a singer. One place they are likely going is the local music store. Hang posters and talk to the employees, who may know of a bassist, guitarist or drummer looking for a band.

Call on local promoters and recording studios and let them know you are available to sit in on rehearsal for any of their bands and that you are looking to join a band yourself. Networking with people in the music trade introduces you to serious musicians and you may make the connection you need.

When All Else Fails – Classified Ads
Classified ads are one of the most labor intensive ways to find band members. You must not just craft the perfect ad and post it up in the right places, but you must also weed through a lot of unqualified musicians to find a good fit. The hours of auditions may seem tedious, but classified ads are one of the more tried and true methods of finding a band to jam with.

Post ads on local online services like Craigslist and Kijiji and practice how to find band members. Trust me from experience, it’s not a perfect science. Don’t overlook the music-only classified services out there, like MusoFinder. Finally, place ads in your local alternative paper. They often have a back page that offers low rates.

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