How to do Lip Rolls

Doing lip rolls is a beneficial exercise that can help you learn control while singing.  It will eventually help you pin point tone too.

You don’t push through your breaks.  It’s all about the correct air pressure coming through.  This will help you develop the right pitch as a singer.  You hold your lips loose and flap your lips as the air comes out.  You can go up and down scales using this technique.

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How to Do Lip Rolls Correctly
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It will sound kind of like a motor boat or you’re joking around.  Take a nice breath from your diaphragm and breathe out making the sound with your lips.  No tension should be involved with the exercise.

You are warming up vocal folds and there should be no tension in your singing body.  You can move around from head voice to chest voice and you can alter pitch while doing these exercises.  You’re gaining more control over your voice while you do this exercise.

You can learn how to smoothly transition from upper head voice to lower chest voice and changing pitch while doing this exercise.  You’re learning at what rate to exhale with your breathing from the diaphragm while doing this exercise too.  This is a huge benefit that will come in handy later on as a singer.

This will help you prevent damage to the vocal chords later on as a singer because you’re using the right amount of air pressure to produce tone.  I talk a lot about breathing on this site and it’s one of the things you need to work on as a singer.  Lip rolls are just another way to work on this skill as a singer.

Again, it’s also going to help you relax by finding the right amount of air upon exhaling.  So keep this in mind when you don’t feel like practicing things like lip rolls.

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