How to Become a Wedding Singer

Becoming a wedding singer requires more than just vocal talent, which you already have in spades. First you have to find out where the jobs are, then you have to get yourself hired. Most important is developing a large repertoire of songs—focusing heavily on pop love songs.  You have to be able to nail requested songs, even if they aren’t what you normally sing. Your main goal is to do your part in a couple’s special day, not showcase your best vocal style or favorite music genre.

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how to be a wedding singer
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Stay on top of popular love songs, both from the past and current favorites. Check out lists online of popular wedding music, ask friends and family what songs played at their wedding and talk to bridal consultants to see if they have any song lists they are willing to share.

Don’t stop there, though. Practice those songs, especially those that are out of your normal genre. If you normally sing pop, practice singing country love songs. You must be able to perform the requested songs, even if they are normally out of your vocal range or not your strong point. Find your weak spots and work with them until you can do a better than average job at almost any vocal style(Per Bristow discusses this). Keep in mind,  becoming a wedding singer may also require performing at the ceremony itself, so practice singing traditional wedding music as well.

Stage Presence
Practice your stage presence as you sing. A wedding singer’s voice is the romantic soundtrack in the background of everyone’s memories of this day. Your face and body language must convey the deep emotions you are singing about. Practice in front of a mirror until you get it down without appearing awkward.

When you decide to become a wedding singer, more than your voice is required. You have to market yourself to your target audience—couples about to get married. In this business, half the legwork is already done for you because there is a whole industry built up to find performers such as yourself. Get to know bridal consultants and wedding planners in your area. Invite them to non-wedding performances you are in, give them your business card, and let them know you are available and your rates. These professionals are your best friend in this business. They can even clue you in when a hot wedding band needs a new singer.

Wedding singing gives you an outlet for your vocal talents. It can be a viable long-term career choice, or a way to build your stage presence and confidence as you work toward other performance goals. When you decide to become a wedding singer, you are using your voice to set the mood for the happiest day in someone’s life.

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  1. I am quite intrigued by the methods and exercises that Mr. Manning demostated. Commen sense brought me to the same idea about singing softly through the break and to slowly push the envelope, after all there is only one direction to go if you wish to create a range that allows you to sing higher. I was also very impressed with the ease that Mr. Bristow had as he showed his range with strong even control and timber. range of his

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