Four Pillars of Singing Review

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Many vocal training at home packages focus on the same tired techniques, most rooted in classical voice theory. While they may help you improve in the beginning, you soon hit a plateau in your vocal skills. But Rob Lunte of the Vocalist Studio has created a program that uses a modern technique that helps singers at all experience levels.  This is my Four Pillars of Singing review.

Meet Rob Lunte
An internationally acclaimed vocal coach and singer, Rob Lunte focuses his instruction on the issues faced by contemporary singers performing modern music. Unlike many vocal coaches that spend most of their time on classical technique, Lunte has put together an extensive training program specially made for the modern vocalist. He offers private one-on-one training in Seattle studio, but you can reap the rewards of his method anywhere in the world using his complete vocal training system.

The Method
The Four Pillars of Singing provides more than 435 media files packed with Lunte’s unique training exercises and methodology. Lunte focuses on rapid results using an innovative head singing and register bridging approach, called the bridge and connect technique. These techniques allow you to expand your note range while adding more power to your voice. The method also focuses on singing stamina, a must for singers who aspire to live perfomances.

Getting Results
Lunte’s methods aren’t targeted specifically to advanced vocalists. Every singer, whether novice or seasoned performer, can benefit from the Four Pillars of Singing. Lunte teaches the same techniques used by some of the strongest metal vocalists of our era, including Geoff Tate of Queensryche. Like any home singing program, it takes commitment to practice to make it work. Fortunately, each exercise is carefully laid out and explained so the student can quickly understand and grasp each new concept.

Using the Four Pillars Program

The book comes with four DVDs and three CDs. The first DVD features the 22 training lectures by Lunte. These lectures will walk you through everything you need to know to develop your best singing voice. The remaining three DVDs contain Lunte on stage demonstrating each vocal exercise and training technique. This provides the optimum visual and audio cues necessary to master the exercises. You will be able to see the body position necessary to get the most from your training.

The first two CDs is a recording of the exercises, one by Lunte and one with a synthesized voice. This allows you to sing over Lunte’s vocals as you master the exercises. The final CD contains only the piano music. Use this disc once you have mastered the exercises and are ready to practice on your own.

Along with the DVDs and CDs, the 400+ page book contains the entire program you need to master. It begins with an overview of the language used by vocalists to describe notes, techniques and musical theory. From there it takes you through the TVS registers and bridges before introducing you to the full training program. The book includes a full introduction to vocal physiology, including detailed anatomical drawings to help you further understand your voice. Vowel modification, vocal effects and vocal modes are also thoroughly covered.

What it Includes
The program includes everything you need to get started.
– A hard copy of the training book
– 22 high-def training lectures
– 37 vocal workout audio files
– 37 demonstration videos
– 37 workout tutorials
– Bonus material to further help you develop your voice.

Click Here to Visit Four Pillars of Singing 2.0

No Four Pillars of Singing review would be complete without mentioning the other benefits Lunte offers at his Modern Vocalist Studio site. Add-ons to the original program include Vocal Workouts for Women – exercises specifically made to target the unique issues faced by female singers. He also provides private one-on-one lessons via the internet, allowing you to benefit from private training where ever you live.
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