Effective Vocal Exercises

Try these three vocal exercises, which are demonstrated with the Brett Manning method. These will really help you improve fast if you’ve got the basics of singing down.

The one thing I like about this video is how he makes the lessons very practical. He shows how even his own voice struggles at times and how it takes a while of doing specific exercises to regain his vocal chords and octave range. You can learn here more at the Singing Success review page.

Breathing Exercises – One of the most effective vocal exercises is a simple breathing exercise.
You can start by sitting down in a chair or comfortable position and slowly inhale deeply.
After this, slowly exhale through your mouth. Do this for a few minutes. I promise this has a lot to do with singing!

After this, start closing your mouth and exhale between your tongue and top teeth. You will hear a hissing sound. This is good. You are training your diaphragm to hold the inhale for longer periods. Your goal is to increase the time it takes to exhale with the hiss slowly.

Trust me, after you do this for a while, you can exhale once for minutes at a time! Now, can you see how you could learn to hold notes longer while singing? This is a great way to also become more serene.

Serenity never hurt anyone! This can become a very calming exercise you can practice daily just for five minutes and your benefits go far beyond singing.

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