Eat Before Singing

Should you eat before singing? I’ve seen many singers pay for it when they eat something heavy before a gig. One time I knew a singer in San Francisco who ate a burger and fries a half hour before the gig and he paid for it! Check out these 3 tips.

1. Don’t eat dairy before singing. Dairy coats your throat and effects how much air is coming out when you sing. So any kind of dairy product should be avoided at least a day before you sing. In fact, I don’t think dairy is healthy at any time. That’s just my personal feeling though. Per Bristow talks about this in his lessons.

2. Don’t eat anything heavy on the day you have to sing. You are going to breathe a lot from the diaphragm on the day of a gig and if you’re weighed down in the stomach area while trying to sing it cuts down on the amount of space for your diaphragm to operate. This makes it uncomfortable and requires a lot more work than necessary if you eat before singing.

eat before singing
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3. Drink lots of fluids and especially water. Your vocal chords are one of the last organs to get hydrated in your body so you need to really drink a few liters of water per day to keep your vocal chords healthy. In addition, we all know that water is extremely preventive of many diseases when drank sufficiently on a daily basis. You will see many singers drink a lot of water on stage to stay hydrated. You may want to avoid a lot of sodium too because this contributes to dehydration over the long term, which effects your singing organs.

So a lot of hydration, not eating heavy on singing days, and avoiding dairy should loosen things up for you and this contributes to your overall singing health. It’s a small piece of the whole singing picture you need to develop to help yourself sing well. I hope this article helps you prepare when you eat before singing.

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