Different Singing Methods

There are different singing methods in certain situations for all singers.  For example, you may want to use more chest voice for a certain song or singing a specific style.  In addition, you may want to use more vibrato in your singing while other vocalists don’t want to utilize this technique.

Celebrity Voice Method:

Some people believe a celebrity may have a secret technique that allows them to sing successfully in front of thousands of people while making gold records.  The truth is they are usually using the same practice technique that you can easily learn with some guidance.  They may have been born with more talent, but you or anyone can learn to sing great with practice.  It’s like anything else in life, many great singers have practiced a lot and they deserve their success after so much hard work.

Riggs Speech Level Singing:

This singing method is very popular with some famous singers throughout the world.  Seth Riggs, the inventor, helps people sing better by utilizing proper technique and not forcing anything.  Most of us strain to increase volume.  We especially strain our vocal chords when attempting to widen our range, but this is not necessary when using a technique like Riggs Speech Level Singing.  He has many disciples in the singing world and some of them have become great singing coaches themselves.

Sing Like Talking:

You can sing like you talk.  Actually, you can talk like you sing!  What I mean is to become conscious of the way you communicate through talking during the day and night.  Have you ever thought about expanding your range during normal conversation?  You be talking to someone on the phone and decide to use lower notes than normal.  How is that person going to know?  The point is to keep exercising your singing range even when you’re not really singing.  You are getting used to your own vocal anatomy and what needs to take place so you can hit certain notes.

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