Developing Good Singing Habits

Did you know that you speak within a specific interval of pitches? It’s been found the interval and range of your pitches while talking can actually determine your profession. Studies have shows that professional singers and vocalists actually speak in a wider range of pitch than most other professions. This is important to remember when developing good singing habits.

developing good singing habits
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The point is your speaking habits closely mirror your singing habits and we can choose to change these. Scientists and mathematical type professionals are found to take tiny steps from note to note while they speak. There is a narrow range of pitch in these professionals while they talk.  Learn About Vocal Exercises Here

So as an aspiring singer, try to start using more range when you speak on the phone or with others. It makes your speech a lot more exciting and it’s not in monotone. Once you start exercising these different pitches, you will be able to incorporate them into singing much easier.

Your speaking voice, as well as your singing voice says SO MUCH about who you are. It reflects your soul, it colors who you really are on a subconscious level when you communicate with others. So we can become more aware of the pitch and intervals in our voice when we speak. This growing awareness will help us while developing good singing habits. It trains our ear and we’ll learn how to control our voice easier because we’re more aware of our body’s movement and the specific note that movement produces.

Another strong habit I wanted to mention is to practice opening up your soft palate or “raise” it. At least that is what I tried when I started improving my singing. It gave me more range and caused much less strain in my voice. You can see your palate rise while looking in the mirror with your mouth open. Just practice what it feels like to raise that while singing. Normally we sing or speak with a “closed throat” and this cuts off air flow and the range of pitch in our voice. You can easily see why opening up is beneficial to our singing.

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