Dallas Singing Lessons

Tom McKinney Vocal Studios
Tom McKinney-Voice Coach
Dallas, TX

Tom McKinney brings more than 40 years experience as both a performer and a teacher to each lesson. McKinney trained under renowned voice instructors Seth Riggs and Keith Davis before he embarked upon his own career. McKinney spent his early career performing on television shows, including the Merv Griffin Show, as well as performing in more than 60 musicals and 25 operas. Many of McKinney’s students go on to successful careers as well. He has trained more than one American Idol contestant, with four of his students making it to Hollywood in 2009 alone. He is also the vocal coach behind starts such as Grammy-nominated Mario and Camp Rock actress Demi Lovato.  McKinney focuses his lessons on teaching proper singing technique and a strong foundation in music.

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Promethean Studios
Mark Black-Voice Instructor
Plano, TX

Mark Black provides vocal lessons in all genres of music, to both beginners and professionals. He has been teaching since 1978, providing his experience both on and off the stage to his students. Black graduated from Loyola University with a degree in Music Theory and Composition then went on to tour with the group Majesty. His teachers include Fred Korman, Dr. Pat McCarty and Michael Carubba.  He focuses on building a strong foundation in the basics, including proper breathing and posture. Once the foundation is firmly in place, Black’s technique helps fine tune the student’s ear as well as his voice, providing the necessary tools to excel in any venue.

Sonny Rios Voice Studios
Sonny Rios-Vocal Coach
Duncanville, TX

Sonny Rios brings a lifetime of experience to every lesson he teaches. Originally trained as a classical opera singer, Rios trained under renowned masters including Edward Baird and Eugene Conley and now can provide Dallas singing lessons. He has performed in every state and more than 25 countries, providing him the necessary background to teach each of his students how to perform on stage as well as they do in the studio. Rios also trains and runs the Kids Bop group, which performs on stage across the country as well as records the popular albums. Rios focuses his lessons on the Bel Canto singing technique, or Beautiful Voice. This technique focuses on proper vowel modification and breath support, providing the student with the ability to use her natural voice at its peak ability. With continued training, Rios helps the student extend her range to the maximum possible to her without stress on the vocal chords.

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