Complete Vocal Technique

Complete Vocal TechniqueSinger, vocal coach and researcher Cathrine Sadolin developed the Complete Vocal Technique as a way for singers to quickly and accurately develop their full singing ability.

The technique allows a singer to achieve necessary breath support, a healthy twang that creates a sharper sound and prevents tension in the jaws and lips.

Sadolin specifically created the technique to work well with all singing genres and to focus on vocal health and ability.The edge or belting mode has an aggressive, sharp metallic sound that works well in hard rock, metal and gospel singing.

Vocal Modes
The Complete Vocal Technique differs from other programs because it teaches that anyone can learn how to sing. One method it achieves this is by focusing on the four vocal modes.

  • The neutral mode focuses on low volume, soft singing, such as breathy singing that doesn’t cause any undue vocal stress or tension.
  • The curbing mode has a more metallic sound but is still soft compared to the other modes. It’s often used in classical, soul and R&B music.
  • Overdrive mode is a full metallic mode that provides a bite to the sound and is often heard in rock music, although classical music takes advantage of some lower notes in overdrive mode.
  • The edge or belting mode has an aggressive, sharp metallic sound that works well in hard rock, metal and gospel singing.

Sadolin’s method offers distinct advantages, especially for vocalists struggling to develop their skill, style and range. The technique is based upon the anatomy of the human body and designed to at no time stress your vocal chords, diaphragm or other singing muscles. This in turn prevents both short term and long term vocal damage. It encourages singers to trust their instincts because at no time should singing be painful.

Singers can quickly learn the technique by taking a short 14 week course through the Complete Vocal Academy, which provides almost immediate results while providing the guidance necessary to master the technique. With proper practice and mastery, both male and female vocalists in a variety of genres and styles can experience benefits from Sadolin’s technique.

Although the Complete Vocal Technique is praised by student’s and professional singers, it will take practice and proper implementation of the exercises to prove successful for everyone. It also requires acceptance of your own limitations so you can perfect the styles you are capable of instead of wasting time or damaging your vocal chords by trying to master something out of your physical ability or range.

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