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People are researching a lot about the best celebrity singing coach.  I can tell you there is not much they’re going to tell you that you can’t find in a good singing book.  Some singers insist on getting a coach and I’ll discuss a few of the reasons.

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First, some people just cannot motivate themselves to keep doing the singing lessons and things necessary to get better as a singer.  They may try a home course or study a book and do a few practices, but they can’t stick with it.  These people rarely make it as a singer.  They just don’t have the patience or consistency like other great musicians.

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Now you can definitely improve as an undisciplined singer or musician, but sometimes you will take two steps forward and three steps back.  In this case, if you can afford some celebrity singing coach then yes, get one.  But as we know, most of us cannot afford an expensive coach.  So we need to find ways to get better on our own.

I would set up a simple routine of 15-20 minutes a day to get better as a singer.  I know it helped me greatly just by doing the recommended breathing exercises for a little amount each day.  I remember a drumming teacher once told me his students progress rapidly if they just do twenty minutes of practice a day.  I think we can all find that amount of time in the day to improve our singing greatly.

We all know the rewards will be worth it when we start impressing ourselves and the audience with new skills developed over a little hard work.  So trust me, you can do it.  Some people don’t believe they can improve as singers, but it’s very possible.  A celebrity singing coach isn’t necessary to improve greatly if you can develop a little consistency.

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