Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood didn’t make the move from American Idol winner to a multi-platinum selling artist overnight training and practice both before and after winning season 4 led her to where she is today. Carrie had already been singing for a lifetime when she walked into her first Idol audition. In many ways, she had been training for that moment since she was a toddler.

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Carrie began singing in front of an audience at the tender age of three, singing for her church each Sunday. Her earliest vocal training began with the school choir, where she spent long hours practicing for one solo piece after another. She continued to take advantage of the music teachers made available to her at school well into her high school years, where she became heavily involved with the high school music program.

Living in a small Oklahoma town may seem limiting to many aspiring singers, but Carrie made the most of what she had available. Not only did she take full advantage of the public school music programs, she also entered a variety of talent shows and sang on stage at fairs and festivals when ever she had a chance. Singing in front of an audience from such a young age imbued Carrie with a love for performance, one of the key attributes of any successful singer. Carries bares her soul and personality not just with her lush, rich voice but with her command of the stage and audience as well.

Carrie credits her college years for developing her singing and stage talent enough to take the American Idol win. While she studied for a degree in journalism and not music, it was in college that she helped organize a country variety stage show that featured comedy, dancing, and of course, singing. Carrie admits that is where she developed her ability to sing at her best, night after night, in front of a crowd.

Carrie also believes in hard work in order to reach singing success. From her childhood in Oklahoma all the way to her present reality as a super star, Carrie’s work ethic has carried her through. While her career has reached a pinnacle that should allow her to relax a little, Carrie continues to work with vocal trainers to further develop her voice—and it’s obvious. Over the course of her last three albums her sound has matured and improved in a way seldom seen amongst successful vocalists. There has been no plateau in Carrie’s talent.

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