Buy Singing Success- What do You Get for Your Money?

If you’re going to buy Singing Success, this is what you will get with either the physical product or the downloadable version:

Exercise Workbook
12 audio CDs containing 17 lessons with over 300 audio files.

Buy Singing Success
Buy Singing Success?


The Download Version (same contents as the physical version): $199.95
Physical Product Version: $199.95 + Shipping

4 Payment Plans for the Singing Success Physical Product:

1 payment: $199.95
2 payments of $99
4 payments of $49.75
7 payments of only $28.43

Money Back Guarantee:

Singing Success offers a “No Risk, Full money back guarantee” for six months.
What that really means is they give you 6 months after you get the program and if you’re not satisfied, in any way, you just send them an email and they’ll refund all of your money.

Buying Safety on the Internet:

If you purchase the program, the check-out process is with, which is an encrypted, safe, respected online check-out company.

Customer Service:

I’ve dealt with Singing Success a few times on the phone by calling their number to the Nashville, TN office. The people have always been helpful on the phone and they’ve answered my questions about the program. They resolve customer service issues over the phone or by email.

If you don’t want to purchase the traditional format, they now have a Singing Success online subscription that can connect you with other program members.

Should You Download Singing Success?

The good news is that Brett Manning’s Singing Success program has been used to train famous singers, such as Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Hayley Williams and other famous singers, who visited Brett Manning in Nashville, TN. So the program does have instant credibility with these famous endorsements.

The promise of the program is to increase your vocal range one whole octave. You do this by using speech level singing, which is a popular method to help people become better singers. It helps you utilize better technique while decreasing your actual effort so you’re not forcing things.

Some of this technique involves relaxing your throat and keeping your larynx absolutely still while opening up your soft palate. Most singers unconsciously raise or lower their larynx while singing and this will cause strain and problems later. The Singing Success program does help you overcome these difficulties and help you expand your range.

If you absolutely need a vocal coach to push you in your singing, you may not want to purchase a program like this because you’re not accompanied by a coach at home. But in the long run you can save money and improve with home taught singing courses like Singing Success.

For me, I’ve always had the passion to get better so I don’t need someone standing with me to push me through lessons. This is something for you to decide.

Currently, I think this is a quality program that works well in the car or on the go. Many people are pleased with their newly developed range by using Manning’s technique.

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