Brett Manning’s Singing Success Review

There are a couple of Brett Manning’s Singing Success reviews on this site and this one is more of my personal opinion of the program rather than the actual components. It has a reputation world-wide and some famous singers, such as Keith Urban, have used the methods to get better.

Brett Manning's Singing Success reviews
Brett Manning

People can benefit from the Singing Success program if they’re looking to change their vocal METHOD. He teaches you to sing with a method similar to speech level singing, which focuses on using less effort, but simultaneously expanding your range. He developed this method after studying under his well known singing coach for years.

Brett Manning's Singing Success Reviews
Brett Manning's Singing Success

Singing Success has gotten consistent praise from pros and amateurs gaining a quality reputation. Other singing coaches like Jamie Vendera have given it good compliments.

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His program is a little more expensive than Singorama and some other programs, but you’re getting more quality CDs, a DVD, and a workbook with actual results amongst the singing community that you can verify.

Listed Benefits of the full Singing Success Program:

  • Brett Manning guarantees you will gain an octave of vocal range
  • Ability to Hit the High Notes with Less Effort
  • Eliminating your Vocal Break
  • Gain Vocal Power
  • Learn a personal vocal style Uniquely for You

One of the guarantees of the program is that you will learn how to sing at a higher octave after using his program or you get your money back. Brett Manning says many of his students end up having more range than himself, but I haven’t personally verified this claim.

A common issue with singers is they try to increase their range, but end up straining their throat. It’s a matter of changing your technique. Once I gained a little control over my soft palate, my range expanded and it didn’t take a lot more effort. It just took proper knowledge of correct technique.

Here is a list of Components if you Buy Singing Success

The course has helped amateurs and some pros that are mentioned on the Singing Success site. Many users of the program are singers who just want to improve themselves and sing because they love singing. They are not necessarily looking to become stars or sing in front of large groups of people. You can see this if you visit the forums on the site.

You can decide if this singing course is right for you.

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Tyler Lohan

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