Best Singing Software

best singing software
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There are singing software options for the MAC and PC type computers.

There are courses now available online in video format, DVD format or even one on one Skype lessons.

Singing pitch software is composed of ear training lessons and your screen will show you if you are hitting the correct notes or not.  You should also know which singing software options actually record your voice.


Singing Pitch Software:

A perfect singing voice isn’t just the result of innate talent, it also comes from developing a trained ear. Ear training helps you perfect your pitch so you can nail the right notes every time. While a vocal instruction is one way to develop your ear and pitch, another option is to train on your own with a singing pitch software.

These singing software programs provide instant feedback on whether you are nailing the notes or not. Exercises help you work through various vocal exercises designed to train the ear so you can quickly recognize and replicate the proper pitch. The type of exercises vary depending on the software, so it’s important to research the popular options to find the one best suited to your needs.


EarMaster 5 Ear Training

Ear Master

A popular ear training program, the EarMaster 5 software provides over 650 exercises that include multiple instruments supplying various tone ranges. Another benefit of this program is the customizable lessons, which allows you to create lessons that help you work on your problem areas. This allows EarMaster to work well for both the novice vocalist as well as the trained singer whom is trying to further improve their pitch. The dictation portion of the training can prove challenging, but if you are only looking to improve your singing pitch you can customize the lessons to avoid these challenges until you are ready for them.

EarMaster is available on both the MAC and PC(Apple and Windows).


Sing & See

Sing and See

Sing & See is a complete voice training software program. You see your voice on screen when you sing into the microphone, providing you with a visual aid to help you adjust your pitch and nail the notes. If you are a visual learner, this software will work well for you. It does take some time to learn to interpret the reports fully, but after working with the software for some time it proves simple to use and does provide steady voice improvement.


Both EarMaster 5 and Sing & See are good, but you need to decide which is the best singing software pitch program for you. Adding one or both to your vocal training regimen can help you perfect your pitch and sing on key more often.


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