Best PA System

#1: Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V Complete PA Package:

Yamaha delivers the best PA system for vocalists and small bands. This dream system supplies everything you need to put on a high quality show. You can attach up to four mics and four instruments to the system simultaneously. The four primary mics are powered by the built in compression mixer controls. It’s not number one for nothing – it delivers everything you need to sound your best.

The vocal PA system includes:
•    Two club speakers featuring 15 inch woofers and two tweeters.
•    Built-in effects, including reverb, echo, chorus, flanger, phaser and even distortion.
•    Four Audio-Technica dynamic microphones.
•    Two graphic equalizers – one for each channel.
•    Feedback Channel Locator system
•    Built-in compression control

The Yamaha system also includes everything you need to hook up – plenty of cables and included speaker stands. The main drawback is the price, but if you need a highly professional system this is the one. You may never need to purchase a PA system again.

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#2: Fender PD150 Deluxe Passport PA System:

Fender’s portable PA system, the PD150 Deluxe Passport, outranks Peavey in customer reviews. It features digital reverb, which puts it a step ahead of most of the smaller PA choices. The clear sound is truly impressive, giving the impression that a much larger and more expensive system is in use.

•    Overall System EQ and Individual Channel EQ
•    Three Mic/line preamps
•    Instrument-ready input (no DI required)
•    150watts power amp
•    Two full range speakers with three custom speaker drivers per cabinet
•    Vocal Input Priority – Background Music Level is Automatically Lowered
•    Includes one P-51 microphone(with cable)

The Fender Passport includes the mixer, two speakers and the cables to get you going. You need to supply your own mixer and speaker stands.

The main con with the Fender system is there is a lack of base as the speakers as the system doesn’t include a subwoofer. This rarely poses an issue if you use the system primarily for vocals. It’s a lightweight system, weighing in at 26 lbs., which makes transport and setup a breeze.

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#3: Behringer Europort EPA900 PA System:

The Behringer Europort provides a powerful system in a compact package. The speakers and mixer package up into a suitcase-like package, a big plus if you travel to gigs by car or air. It easily ranks near the top of your choices as the best PA system, and it’s priced right if you are on a budget.

Features include:

•    900-Watt, 8-channel portable PA system
•    Enormous power and incredible sonic performance
•    10-inch woofers and 1.35-inch aluminum-diaphragm compression drivers
•    24-bit stereo FX processor
•    100 presets including reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, pitch shifter and various multi-effects
•    FBQ Feedback Detection system instantly reveals critical frequencies for easy feedback removal

You must supply your own stands with the system, but it comes with the necessary cables and ports to plug in your mic and start singing. It can be overkill if you only need a basic PA, but it’s just right if you need advanced capabilities in a small package.

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#4: Peavey Messenger Portable PA Sound System:

From the top name in musician’s gear, this PA system comes with everything you need to get started on stage in a portable package. The Peavey Messenger Portable PA sound system sets up quickly and easily, and features and easy to understand interface and sound board.

Features include:

•    Built-in 5-channel mixer with 5-band EQ
•    Three Mic/line preamps
•    Instrument-ready input
•    100-watts of power
•    Two full range speakers
•    Feedback Locating System
•    Includes PV®i 100 microphone

The kit comes with two speakers, featuring two 4-inch woofers and 1-inch tweeters, a 5-channel mixer, a microphone and cable storage. The storage case turns into a lectern/sound board stand.
The one drawback to the Peavey vocal PA system is it doesn’t come with reverb, which can be a major flaw in some situations. It won’t work for large shows. But if you are looking for a dependable and compact system for singing live to crowd, it provides a solid PA choice.

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