Best Karaoke Machine

#1 The Singing Machine:

best karaoke machine
Singing Machine

The Singing Machine not only allows you to host your own karaoke party, it also allows you to record your performance to a VCR, a thumb drive or on an SD card – making it the best karaoke machine for home use in my opinion. You can share your singing prowess online or use the recording to review your singing later.

The Singing Machine records in an easily sharable MP3 format.

The karaoke machine can be used as either a pedestal or a tabletop machine, depending on your needs and space.

It records both sound and video.

The built-in monitor allows you to easily see the song lyrics without the need to plug it into a separate monitor.

Two microphone jacks make singing duets easy.


Overly simplistic controls make it time consuming to choose functions and songs on the playlist.

It uses a corded microwave, effectively tying you to the machine.

The included microphone is not top quality, so for professional-style sound you must supply your own microphone.

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#2GPX Party Machine:

GPX Party Machine
GPX Party Machine

The GPX Party Machine is the best karaoke machine if you are looking for a portable option. It’s lightweight, weighing between 5 lbs and 16 lbs depending on the model, and it isn’t much larger than a boom box. This machine is for simple use, not for recording or professional karaoke.


Some models feature a built in monitor for the lyrics, while others can be plugged into a separate monitor.

The GPX plays both CDs and MP3s.

Fully programmable. Set up your entire playlist before you start singing.

It’s an inexpensive choice compared to other brands, particularly if you are looking for a simple machine.


The sound and monitor quality is not as good as that found on more expensive machines.

The GPX does not offer a recording option so there is no way to save your performances.

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#3The SongStation:


The SongStation karaoke machine doubles as a DVD player, cutting down on the amount of equipment you need in your entertainment center. It effectively turns your television into a karaoke machine.


The machine is preloaded with over 53,000 songs so there’s no need to buy and store discs.

It provides full compatibility with MP3s, CDs, DVDs and other formats.

Its performance scoring ability makes it one of the best karaoke machines for home use.


The SongStation does not come with an attached monitor – it must be plugged into the TV.

The microphone quality is questionable, but they can easily be replaced with the microphone of your choice.

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