American Idol Singers

American Idol singers have become a worldwide sensation.  I like to look at some of the singers’ backgrounds to find out what inspires them and what vocal coaches have influenced them the most.  You can learn valuable lessons from all singers and especially from those who have been on a stage in front of the world forced to perform under pressure.   No matter your singing goals, stay open to learning from all different types of singers.  Click Here to Review Singing Courses

Kelly Clarkson – Starting with Choir – Kelly Clarkson is another Idol winner and her life story is interesting.  Did you know she started singing choir at a young age and at one point she almost gave up on singing?

Fantasia Barrino Story – Fantasia Barrino grew up in a very musical family like many musicians.  In her family, music was a business.  She has some gospel roots intertwined in her story too.  I find her to be an interesting singer.

Carrie Underwood

Lee Dewyze – Lee Dewyze has a lot of self drive and it’s been with him all along.  Very early on, he was seeking out singing teachers and teaching himself to play guitar.  All of the work has paid off since he is now a winner of American Idol catapulting him into stardom.

David Cook on American Idol – David Cook was destined to become a great singer.  He started singing in school from a  young age and his family helped push him to achieve greatness.

About Kris Allen – Kris Allen was singing in many bars and clubs before he made it big on American Idol.  Find out what motivates him and his path to success as a singer.

Jordin Sparks Bio – Jordin regularly competed in singing contests as a young child so she was well groomed for a big competition like American Idol.  She became the youngest winner at age 17 on the show while captivating fans worldwide.  Find out how she grew as an up-and-coming singer.

Taylor Hicks Bio – Taylor Hicks started playing around with a harmonica he picked up at a flea market.  He soon found he could teach himself to play.  He also started teaching himself to sing.

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