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I hope this site is your best resource for improving your singing.  Whether you are just a beginner singer or more experienced, there should be videos, lessons, and articles to help you get better as a singer.

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On this site, I will discuss things like head voice, vibrato, your soft palate, and your larynx.  These things may be greek to you if you’re a beginner, but they are important things you must master if you want to improve as a singer.

Singing Lessons

There are some singing lessons I have on the site, which can help you improve specific things, such as vibrato or hitting the high notes.  Usually, I will post a video or write an article providing the lesson for you.

You can also join my singing mailing list where I send out helpful singing information periodically.  There are very expensive singing lessons you can get by hiring a singing coach or you can study singing resources at home and learn the essentials.  This site should definitely get you better with some of the lessons provided.

If you click my FREE Singing Lessons link, there is a form that requests your name and email.  I email my list of subscribers reviews of the top singing programs available in addition to FREE tips and other singing related info.

Most people don’t understand how to sing because they’ve been taught practice techniques that are too complex…So the students DON’T consistently practice these boring, long, drawn-out techniques.

The most important thing to get singers progressing quickly is to teach with exciting curriculum!

When singing students have an easy-to-follow, exciting lesson plan, they get tangible improvements.

These tangible improvements provide more motivation than anything else.  They need to see themselves improve quickly so they stay motivated as a singer.

Singing Articles

Periodically, I write singing articles for various publications to help singers of all levels.  I may concentrate my articles on specific areas of singing or I may write articles on learning singing in general.  Many times, I will post my written singing articles here at SingingCenter.com or I’ll link to them at various article directories or singing related websites.

Singing Videos

Singing videos are becoming a great tool to teach singers all over the world with the expansion of the internet.  Often, there are video courses I can recommend to you or I will sometimes incorporate singing videos onto this site as part of the singing learning resources.

Singing Training

There are a few singing training courses that I recommend on this site too.  Many times, singers will hire expensive coaches to help push them in certain directions and improve on specific singing techniques, but with technology there are some worthy singing programs, which can help get you better if you use them at home on your computer or while you’re driving down the road on your IPOD.

I will tell you which singing courses are worth investigating and which ones are not worth the money.

To Your Singing Success!

Tyler Lohan

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  1. Dear Tyler,

    Wow, thanks so much for highlighting my teaching studio in San Diego. I really appreciate it! You have some nice content on this site – it seems very accessible to people, even if they have limited experience and that is really hard to achieve. Thanks so much for the listing! 🙂

    Eleonor England

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